woensdag, oktober 31, 2012

Ton's blog: This Was Tomorrow

Today, Ton Scherpenzeel posted a blog (in Dutch) on the official Kayak website. He tells about the songs that he wrote (on his own or together with Pim) in the period 1968 -1971.

One of the songs he mentions is 'This Was Tomorrow', which later evolved into 'Mammoth'. Ton offers us the sheet music:
Years ago, Kayak also posted the song itself as a free download. For those who missed it then, and who want to know what it sounded like, click here: This Was Tomorrow (Mammoth)

vrijdag, oktober 12, 2012

At the Castellum

Pictures from the gig at the Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn,
11 october 2012.
 (click to enlarge)

zaterdag, oktober 06, 2012

JTT-Tour starts in Barendrecht

On friday 5 october 2012, it was time for the first show of the 'Journey Through Time'-tour, celebrating 40 years of Kayak. The theatre in Barendrecht (near Rotterdam) hosted the band and their audience (including people from as far as Mexico!). I bought my ticket at the very last moment, but I have no regrets that I did it!

The plan was to play at least one song from every Kayak studio album. And that would probably lead to a few surprises. Well, it did... Before I present you the setlist, let me say that I was impressed by each and every band member. They all played and sang with great skill. And the band -in my opinion not showing too many nerves- seemed to have a good time on stage. And that reflected on the audience.

Of course, with such a large back catalogue, I would loved to have seen even more (old) material. But it was lovely to watch oldies like 'They Get To Know Me' and 'If This Is Your Welcome'! A great concert, can't wait until the next one (which, in my case, will be in 4 days time...).

Songs played:
Hope For A Life, They Get To Know Me, If This Is Your Welcome, Nothingness, Sweet Revenge, Daphne, Phantom Of The Night, Anne, Merlin, Total Loss


Frozen Flame, Life Without Parole, Avalon, Pagans Paradise, Alienation, Nobody Wins, Hunter And Prey, Passing Cloud, Cleopatra, Starlight Dancer, Chance For A Lifetime, Before The Angels Fell, Ruthless Queen.

(Full Circle was also planned, but the band had not yet 'mastered' that one well enough...)