zondag, juni 27, 2010

Kayak projects

I have decided to make a new weblog, dedicated to the work of Kayak's (ex-)members outside the band. With the upcoming "Tribute To Pim Koopman"-concert, I thought it was good to start with the endless list of artists with whom Pim worked. You can find the weblog at http://kayakprojects.blogspot.com/

dinsdag, juni 08, 2010

Pim's drumsticks

With thanks to Bob Dijksen for the pictures, here are some nice pieces of history: Pim Koopman's drumsticks from july 1975, given away after a concert at the famous 'Sarasani' on the isle of Texel, where Kayak played quite often in their early days. And one from october 2008, from the even more famous Paradiso, Amsterdam.