zondag, mei 08, 2011

New compilation box: Dutch Invasion

A new box with 10 CD's and one DVD is now available: "Dutch Invasion". Each CD is a compilation of a certain Dutch band, and Kayak is one of them. Other bands are Golden Earring, Earth & Fire, The Shoes, The Outsiders, Q65, The Cats, The Motions, Cuby & The Blizzards, Sandy Coast.

Tracks on the Kayak CD: Lyrics, Mammoth, See See The Sun, Wintertime, We Are Not Amused, Chance For A Lifetime, Still My Heart Cries For You, Do You Care, Starlight Dancer, Want You To Be Mine, Phantom Of The Night, Ruthless Queen, Anne, Lost Blue Of Chartres, Periscope Life, Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Total Loss, Seagull, The King's Enchanter, Who's Fooling Who

The DVD includes Toppop performance of "Starlight Dancer"