dinsdag, oktober 10, 2006

Various LP Sleeves

In the vinyl Era, Kayak released a couple of compilation LP's in Holland. "The Best Of Kayak", with songs from the first three albums, was released in a black sleeve, and also in a sleeve with a picture of the band.

Another compilation LP: "Pick Of The Basket". And in Argentina, "Starlight Dancer" was released with the Spanish title "Danzante De Estrellas". (Some other LP's also received this Spanish treatment).

In the USA, "See See The Sun", "Royal Bed Bouncer" and "Phantom Of The Night" got different sleeves than in Europe. And then, of course there is the USA-version of "Starlight Dancer": a compilation of songs from the European "Starlight Dancer" and "Last Encore".

maandag, oktober 09, 2006

Kayak in Alphen (again...)

On october 7, Kayak paid a visit to Alphen aan den Rijn once again. I won't bore you with yet another lengthy review. The most remarkable facts:
* A nice crowd in a sold-out theatre
* The acoustic part featured a real grand piano all the way through. This added a lot to the 'acoustic feel', and Ton visibly enjoyed playing the real ivories...
*Also thanks to the grand piano, "Ivory Dance" was very special, and "Land On The Water" breathtaking!
* An extra bit of 'fingerpicking' from Joost (as well as a big mistake from him in "Merlin"!)
* "Epilogue-The Fate Of Man" is a new addition to the set (at least, it was new to me...)
* "Merlin" included the a capella middle piece for the first time

* Chatting with Ton, Edward and Cindy after the show. Talking about Kayak's future plans...