donderdag, augustus 31, 2017

The Last Forest CD release

Some 37 years after the release of the LP, Edward Reekers' first solo album "The Last Forest" gets an official release on CD! Recorded with the help of Johan Slager and Max Werner, "The Last Forest" is a fine collection of tunes, that deserves a wider audience!

Apart from the album, the CD has 5 bonus tracks, all of which are non-album singles or b-sides. More info at Shaded Moon Entertainment
From the booklet: Max, Johan and Edward in the studio

woensdag, mei 31, 2017

Woerden, 1973

44 years ago, 5 Dutch guilders (about 2,25 euro) were enough for you to go and see top bands like Unit Gloria and Kayak. This announcment is for the show in Woerden (Holland), august 1973.

woensdag, mei 17, 2017

Kristoffer Gildenlöw on bass

The bass player on the new Kayak album is a wellknown name in the prog scene: Swedish-born Kristoffer Gildenlöw will play 4 (or more) strings on '17'... Now living in The Netherlands, Kristoffer is (probably) best known as a member of Pain Of Salvation. After leaving that band in 2006, he worked with Neal Morse, Damian Wilson and many, many others.

dinsdag, april 18, 2017

Drummer on the new album: Lean Robbemont

Drums on the new Kayak album are played by Lean Robbemont (1986). As he is busy with many other artists, bands and projects, it is not certain if he will also play with Kayak on the upcoming tour.
You can hear Lean on the 4th demo of 'Cracks'.

maandag, april 10, 2017

New CD Box in june 2017

In june 2017, Universal Records will release "Journey Through Time', a box with all Kayak studio albums, 2 CD's with bonus material, plus an empty space to give room to the new album...

woensdag, maart 29, 2017

Line-up. march 2017

A picture of the first 3 members of the 2017 Kayak line-up. From left to right: Marcel Singor (guitar), Bart Schwertmann (vocals) and a keyboard player...

vrijdag, maart 17, 2017

New Kayak vocalist: Bart Schwertmann

Today, an updated version of the 'Cracks'-demo can be heard. It introduces the new lead vocalist: Bart Schwertmann. An experienced singer, Bart really got into the picture in the year 2000, when he won the Dutch Soundmix Show (which was one of the most popular TV-shows at the time) with a rendition of 'Getsemaneh' from Jesus Christ Superstar. Since then, he has worked in many bands, like Boulevard, VanderLinde and Galaxy. As you can see, he also plays quite a bit of guitar and bass... check him out on YouTube!
with his band Galaxy, 1997
Galaxy, 1991
Galaxy CD from 1991