zaterdag, juli 27, 2019

Kayak single from Italy

I don't find many 'new' Kayak items for my collection nowadays, but this one had been on my wants-list for quite some time: a single from Italy with 'Starlight Dancer' and 'First Sign Of Spring' (including spelling error...). In Italy, the song 'Starlight Dancer' was added tot the 'Phantom Of The Night' album. And the record company chose that song to be the single, making it quite unique...
'Starlight Dancer' from the LP 'Phantom Of The Night'...

donderdag, mei 09, 2019

Kayak live in the UK!

In april 2019, Kayak played two shows in the UK. One in London, and one in Chepstow. I had the pleasure of attending both gigs... It struck me that quite a few Englishmen and Welshmen) were so happy to see Kayak in their country at last!


zondag, maart 10, 2019

Total Loss in Toppop

In older blogs, I paid some attention to 'Toppop',  more or less the Dutch equivalent of England's Top Of the Pops. I recently discovered that they have posted a new Kayak performance on the Toppop YouTube channel: Total Loss. I can't recall having seen this one before...

Besides Kayak, the Toppop channel has many more unique videos, of Dutch and international stars.

maandag, maart 04, 2019

Ticket for Kayak and Queen, The Hague 1974

In my blog of july 14 2007, I talked about the double bill concert "Kayak and Queen" in The Hague, in 1974. Over the years  I found some pictures, some newspaper ads and reviews, and a recording of the Queen show. One thing that I could not find, was a ticket (or a picture of the ticket). But now, thanks to Gerard Eummelen, that problem is (partly) solved. Gerard did not want to part with his ticket (something I can understand completely), but he did provide a picture...
I already knew that the ticket stub was fairly simple, with no mention of the actual bands. Still, this is a nice piece of Kayak (and Queen!) history. Please note that the price was 10 Dutch guilders, which in retrospect is almost nothing...

zaterdag, oktober 27, 2018

European Tour 2018/19

October 26, 2018 saw the start of the European Tour. With shows ahead in Germany, Sweden, Norway, England, Wales and Russia, Kayak will conquer some new territory. But first, it was Hilversum (where it all started way back in the early seventies...).

maandag, april 23, 2018

Breaking The Chains

In april 2018, a CD was released by the project "Breaking The Chains". In support of the charity "Bikers Against Child Abuse", around 50 rock-, prog- and metal musicians from Holland joined forces on this album. One of the driving forces behind the whole thing is the new Kayak bass player Kristoffer Gildenlöw. Also involved are Ton Scherpenzeel (on 3 tracks) and Collin Leijenaar.

zaterdag, maart 31, 2018

50 years Paradiso

This month, it is exactly 50 years ago that the legendary Paradiso venue opened in Amsterdam. The building, a former church, hosted many celebrities over the years: Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Prince, David Bowie, Nirvana, Blondie, Iggy Pop, the list is endless...

Kayak played the Paradiso for the first time on february 10, 1973. A further concert followed on the 2nd of june that same year.  Until 1979, Kayak played there at least once a year. In 2000 and 2002, the re-formed Kayak played the Paradiso again, and in 2004 they did a private gig for film director Paul Verrhoeven (of 'Spetters' fame).

The Anniversary gig in 2008 was filmed at the Paradiso, as well as the Pim Koopman Tribute in 2010, their last performance so far at this venue in the Dutch capital...