zaterdag, oktober 27, 2018

European Tour 2018/19

October 26, 2018 saw the start of the European Tour. With shows ahead in Germany, Sweden, Norway, England, Wales and Russia, Kayak will conquer some new territory. But first, it was Hilversum (where it all started way back in the early seventies...).

maandag, april 23, 2018

Breaking The Chains

In april 2018, a CD was released by the project "Breaking The Chains". In support of the charity "Bikers Against Child Abuse", around 50 rock-, prog- and metal musicians from Holland joined forces on this album. One of the driving forces behind the whole thing is the new Kayak bass player Kristoffer Gildenlöw. Also involved are Ton Scherpenzeel (on 3 tracks) and Collin Leijenaar.

zaterdag, maart 31, 2018

50 years Paradiso

This month, it is exactly 50 years ago that the legendary Paradiso venue opened in Amsterdam. The building, a former church, hosted many celebrities over the years: Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Prince, David Bowie, Nirvana, Blondie, Iggy Pop, the list is endless...

Kayak played the Paradiso for the first time on february 10, 1973. A further concert followed on the 2nd of june that same year.  Until 1979, Kayak played there at least once a year. In 2000 and 2002, the re-formed Kayak played the Paradiso again, and in 2004 they did a private gig for film director Paul Verrhoeven (of 'Spetters' fame).

The Anniversary gig in 2008 was filmed at the Paradiso, as well as the Pim Koopman Tribute in 2010, their last performance so far at this venue in the Dutch capital...

maandag, januari 29, 2018

The Seventeen tour of Holland

To promote the new album, the new Kayak did a short tour of Holland. Five concerts were done, and I went to see two of them: Leeuwarden and Zoetermeer. Especially at the Zoetermeer gig, the new line-up delivered a convincing set. Obviously, not yet the oiled machine of the last couple of years, but with a new twist, and a very positive vibe. A longer tour is planned later this year!

With 'Seventeen' peaking at #6 in the Dutch charts, and even reaching the #1 spot in the vinyl charts, a great start of the new year!

Here are some pictures that I stole from my Facebook friends. If anybody of them doesn't agree with this, please let me know!

The setlist: Love Of A Victim, Rhea, Ballad For A Lost Friend, A Million Years, Somebody, La Peregrina, Falling, Mammoth, Daphne, Still My Heart Cries For You, Merlin, Irene, Feathers And Tar, Walk Through Fire, Ivory Dance, Chance For A Lifetime, Ruthless Queen, Starlight Dancer, To An End. I think on the first night (in Tilburg) they also played Crusader...
 (pictures: Sylvia Vogel, Constance Zwerus, Bob Dijksen)

zaterdag, januari 13, 2018

Kayak in stores... january 2018

On saturday 13 january 2018, the chain of Velvet record shops hosted a 3-piece Kayak (Ton, Marcel and Bart) for 3 in-store gigs. The 3 cities (Leiden, The Hague and Delft) are all quite close to where I live. And as I had no other plans, I decided to go and see all three 'baptisms of fire'...


The Hague

The Hague
It was great to see that many people turned up at all 3 occasions, and the shops did good business selling Kayak albums. At the end of the day, I was the proud owner of the LP on all available colours: black, blue and orange... (This also means that I now hae 4 copies of the CD, but that is a different matter...).
black, blue and orange...

The performances were short, but good, and the band as well as spectators seemed to enjoy themselves! I am sure you can find the odd video snippet on YouTube or on my Facebook page. The setlist: Falling, A Million Years, Feathers And Tar, To An End, and Ruthless Queen (only in The Hague and Delft).

Posters and t-shirts were given away to buyers of the album. And I also managed to obtain the huge poster that the The Hague shop used for promotion... A fruitful saturday in many ways!

woensdag, december 20, 2017

New album in various formats

The new Kayak album will be released on 12 january 2018. Probably thanks to (or due to...) the fact that Kayak is now on a big record label, the album will be available in many formats. For instance: I knew that a blue vinyl double LP was one of the formats. But I just read that the LP will also be released on black and on orange vinyl???

donderdag, augustus 31, 2017

The Last Forest CD release

Some 37 years after the release of the LP, Edward Reekers' first solo album "The Last Forest" gets an official release on CD! Recorded with the help of Johan Slager and Max Werner, "The Last Forest" is a fine collection of tunes, that deserves a wider audience!

Apart from the album, the CD has 5 bonus tracks, all of which are non-album singles or b-sides. More info at Shaded Moon Entertainment
From the booklet: Max, Johan and Edward in the studio