zondag, november 20, 2011

Live in Amersfoort, 19 november 2011

Not counting the 2 radio sessions, the concert in Dordrecht was the only one of the current tour that I witnessed. Time for some more! I picked the city of Amersfoort... The venue ("The Basement") was filled nicely, and the crowd was more than receptive! Of course, the good reaction from the audience had a positive effect on the band, who (bathing in sweat) enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Poor Joost was sweating even harder when he was about to play the solo in "Before The Angels Fell", but his equipment failed completely. After switching the thing off and on again it seemed to work just in time for the second solo, much to the relief of Joost who received a supporting applause as a bonus...

(Pictures: Henry Krul)

Compared to the Dordrecht show, "Wherever She Goes" was no longer on the setlist. Instead, "Behind The Scenes" was played. And there was an extra encore: "Undecided".