zondag, oktober 13, 2013

Live In Amersfoort

Less than a week after the try-out in Voorthuizen, I witnessed the official premiere of the tour in Amersfoort. A small, but nice venue, a good atmosphere, lots of fellow fans, and a longer setlist.

Compared to Voorthuizen, these songs were 'extra': Anne, Act Of Despair, Where Do We Go From Here, Coming Up For Air, Frozen Flame, Alienation and Nobody Wins. And of course Niniane, who didn't survive the power cut last week...

Here are some pictures that I managed to take, in spite of my battery running low...

zondag, oktober 06, 2013

The first one...

On 5 october 2013, Kayak played their first concert (actually a try-out) of the 'Journey Through Time Tour - Part 2'. The 'Trefpunt' in the village of Voorthuizen had the honour, and the concert was part of more festivities. Therefore, many locals -not necessarily Kayakfans- had made their way to the venue, filling it with around 600 people (is my guess).

Immediately it was clear that this was one of the nights with Sjoerd on drums instead of Hans. And what a good job he did! Even the more complex songs like 'Reason For It All' proved no problem. As for the rest of the band: to be honest, they were good and can only get better. I must mention Joost, who performed miracles with 6 strings!

As the show was part of a small festival, they did a shorter setlist. And a power cut was the reason that 'Niniane' was skipped.
No power... (pic: Saskia van Doesburg)
Here is what they did play:
click to enlarge
The concert was also projected on a big screen, and the multiple cameras provided a good view every now and then on Sjoerd and Ton. Very nice to see them at work so closely, and at the same time have a good view on the whole band!

Some more amateur pictures: