zaterdag, april 26, 2008

Kayak and Orchestra, 25 april 2008

The first part of the "Coming Up For Air" tour ended in Leeuwarden. But on 25 april, Kayak played a combi-concert with the Thomas a Kempis Orchestra from Zwolle (Cindy's hometown). In a magnificent theatre (with a huge stage!), more than 900 people were there to watch this special occasion. Roughly speaking half of them were Kayakfans, the other half came especially for the orchestra.

The orchestra played a couple of rocking instrumentals (a great Van Halen guitar intro, Queen's 'We Will Rock You' and 'Innuendo', a Santana medley). Edward helped them out in 'MacArthur Park' and 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale', Cindy and Joost did 'Hold Me Forever', and Cindy sang 'Acid Queen' from the rockopera Tommy. The first part ended with Cindy, Edward and Orchestra doing an excerpt from Jesus Christ Superstar.

After the break, Kayak played: Merlin, Ninane, Freezing, Selfmade Castle, Lyrics/Wintertime/Mammoth/See See The Sun, Irene, Alienation (with orchestra), Chance For A Lifetime, Act Of Despair, Undecided, Coming Up For Air, Ruthless Queen (+ orchestra) and for the encore: Starlight Dancer (+ orchestra).

Here are some photos from this special concert, in which Kayak impressed the audience with a great performance! (click to enlarge)
(and here's a picture I stole from the website of the orchestra: www.thomasorkest.nl, picture taken by Robin Schoemaker)

vrijdag, april 25, 2008

Tickets from 2008

I had ordered myself not to see too many Kayak concerts in 2008. In the end, I still managed a few (8 to be precise)...

(a 'Sold Out' message, stuck on the door at De Romein in Leeuwarden. "A true Kayak rarity" Ton replied laughing, when I presented it to him to have it autographed...)

zaterdag, april 05, 2008

Kayak singles from far, far away...

Kayak records were not only released in Holland. Very often the band didn't know about it, but Kayak singles can be found all over Europe, in Japan, South America and South Africa. I don't have many foreign singles, but here are 4 different ones from South Africa: One Way Or Another/Periscope Life, Seagull/The Sword In The Stone, Merlin (edit)/Can't Afford To Lose and Boogie Heart/Now That We've Come This Far.

From Peru: Want You To Be Mine

Spanish promo for Starlight Dancer

dinsdag, april 01, 2008

New album Edward Reekers in the making

Since a couple of weeks, Edward Reekers has been working on a new solo-album (working title: "Child Of The Water"). One of the people helping him out is Syb van der Ploeg (backing vocals). From what I heard, the album will have most songs written by Edward, and two covers (one being a Midge Ure song called "Breathe")

(picture: Edward at work, 28 march 2008)