donderdag, oktober 23, 2008

Another Kayak compilation CD

Whilst the fans are waiting for the new Kayak DVD and the accompanying 'fans choices' CD's, yet another Kayak compilation CD (with 18 tracks) has seen the light of day. In 2008, it was 50 years ago that the first real Dutch rock and roll song was released; the start of "Nederpop" (Dutch pop music). This is celebrated with TV specials, special concerts and CD's. Kayak are one of the "Classic Bands" in Dutch pop that deserved the release of a compilation CD.

There is also a various artists-compilation CD, featuring "Ruthless Queen". But more special is the release of a 'rarities'-compilation. That one has "Fluffy", by pre-Kayak band High Tide Formation!

maandag, oktober 20, 2008

Kayak-trio at "Tour de Terras"

It wasn't announced on the official Kayak site, but on 30 august 2008 a 'trimmed down' Kayak performed at the "Tour de Terras" festival in Deventer, Holland. The line-up was Cindy, Rob and Edward. They played a set of 4 songs, which was repeated a couple of times on different locations in the city. "Ruthless Queen" was played, "Undecided" and "Want You To be Mine". Anybody knows what song nr. 4 was???

Here are some pictures that I found on the Internet and that I got from Harry Janssen (Thanks, Harry!)