zondag, juli 14, 2013

David Ireland: Zoo Games (1978)

In 1977, Ton Scherpenzeel worked on some songs with English singer David Ireland. For instance, David co-wrote the song 'May' on Kayak's Starlight Dancer album.

In 1978, David released a single called 'Zoo Games'. The track was co-written by Ton Scherpenzeel. The b-side was 'Nuclear Love'. Both sides of the single were produced by Ton.

Until now, I always thought that this was 'just' a collaboration between Ton and David. But recently, I received this bit of extra info, from a reliable source:

"Zoo Games and Nuclear Love featured the entire Kayak line-up from that era, making David Ireland's single quite unique: Kayak with David as vocalist. The tracks were recorded on a hot day."

Indeed, 'unique' is the word. I guess I'll have a listen to the single again...
My guess is that the line-up at the time was the 'Starlight Dancer' line-up of Ton, Max, Johan, Charles and Theo. But it's also possible that Peter played bass, and who was the drummer; Max or Charles???  More info as and when I have it...