zondag, mei 25, 2014

Poster from 1979

Just purchased a nice item on eBay: a large poster from Belgium. Looking at the date (4 may 1979) and comparing it to the list of live dates on the Kayak website, this must have been a show which was recorded for Belgian TV.

zondag, mei 18, 2014

The 'Living Room' concert - 17 may 2014

As part of the crowdfunding for the Cleopatra album, Kayak did a special acoustic show for a crowd of around 50 fans. The 'living room' was actually the showroom of Peugeot-dealer and longtime Kayakfan Geurt Buurman.The band was downsized to Ton, Cindy, Joost and Edward. They entertained us with some old work, but also with 2 brand new tracks from the forthcoming album: The Message and Whatever It Takes!

The band enjoyed themselves, the sound was very good, as were the food and drinks. I had a great time at this very special concert!

Below you see some pictures that I stole from Walter Goyen (thanks, Walter!). See more in Walter's Facebook album.

Copyright Walter Goyen

maandag, mei 12, 2014

Rare single from Italy

In 2010, I noticed that that the Italian pressing of the LP "Phantom Of The Night" was expanded: it opens with the song "Starlight Dancer", and ends with "Starlight Dancer (conclusion)". Apparently, the LP "Starlight Dancer" was not issued in Italy, and it was decided to add the song to a later album. But it gets even stranger: as a single from the album "Phantom Of The Night", the Italians chose to release "Starlight Dancer". So there you have it: the single "Starlight Dancer" from the album "Phantom Of The Night"... (By the way: Does anybody have this for sale?)