zaterdag, november 18, 2006

Ten Ride Ticket

By 1971, Ton and Pim had formed a new band. They had two names: "Alta Quies", and "Ten Ride Ticket". Under that last name, they recorded some demos. Besides Ton (keyboards, bass, vocals) and Pim (drums, vocals), members were Carwin Gijsing (trombone, piano, vocals) and Johan Slager (guitars, vocals). Of course, Johan, Pim and Ton went on to form Kayak in 1972...

The titles of the demo recordings:

1. Lost In Hell (Koopman)
2. Questions Of A Thousand Dreams (Scherpenzeel)
3. Scadia (Koopman)
4. Gentle Season (Gijsing)
5. Green-Eyed Morning (Koopman/Scherpenzeel)
6. Catch Your Dreams (Koopman/Scherpenzeel)
7. Children Unite (Scherpenzeel)
8. It's Your Problem (Koopman)
9. Still Try To Write A Book (Koopman)
10. ... (incl. bits of "Peter And The Wolf") (Prokofiev/Koopman/Scherpenzeel)

35 years later, Johan and Carwin still work together for Dutch choir "Da Capo"...

zondag, november 05, 2006

Kayakoustic in Burgum, 4 november 2006

Way up north, in a picturesque village called Burgum, some people decided that they wanted to have Kayak playing in their local party centre. On 4 november, their efforts had result: "De Pleats" was nicely filled with around 350 people. The venue itself had a nice atmosphere. It was not really a theatre, but more or less an old stable, transformed into a nice small concert hall.

The positive atmosphere apparently reflected on Kayak, as they played relaxed and solid. Not without mistakes, but these mistakes were laughed away by everybody.

Again, no long review. But one thing deserves mention: Kayak had decided that "Stop That Song" didn't really work out as well as they had hoped. In Burgum, the song was no longer on the setlist. Instead, they had worked hard for one day and a half on a 'new entry': "Daughter Or Son". For this song, Kayak certainly didn't take the easy way out. After the first verse in doo-wop style, the keyboards joined in, and gradually the song built into a climax of instruments and almost Beach Boys-like vocals from Edward, Cindy, Ton, Pim and Rob. The band were visibly relieved that the song went well, and I must say it takes the 'acoustic' half of the show into a higher level.

Again, the audience appreciated Kayak's efforts. The variation in vocals and harmonies makes the show very attractive, apart from the obvious musical skills of the players.

A good time was had by all, and I'm looking forward to my next 'electric Kayakoustic' show in Zoetermeer...

The setlist: