dinsdag, augustus 20, 2013

Sjoerd Rutten fills in for Hans Eijkenaar

In october, Kayak will embark on the second part of their 'Journey Through Time'-tour. Unfortunately, drummer Hans Eijkenaar will not be available for all shows. One of Holland's best and most wanted drummers, Hans is unable to combine all the Kayak concerts with his other commitments. But there's no need to worry. For the seven concerts without Hans, Kayak have recruited Sjoerd Rutten as their drummer.

Sjoerd Rutten

At this moment, Sjoerd is working with Cindy, Joost and Jan in a Toto-tribute band called Zeno. The official Kayak website states specifically that Hans Eijkenaar is still Kayak's drummer...
Zeno (photo: Dimmy Crombeen)