dinsdag, februari 18, 2014

Cleopatra guests, Ton rejoins Camel

The Cleopatra-project is getting shape, with three guest singers appearing: Martin van der Starre, Tatiana Manolidou and Alexander van Breemen.

But all of a sudden, it was announced that Ton Scherpenzeel will join Camel again, for their European tour of march 2014. Due to ill health, keyboardist Guy LeBlanc was not able to do the tour. Ton was asked to replace him, and he agreed. This is what the official Camel website says:

Camel are so very disappointed to announce that, due to ill health, keyboardist Guy LeBlanc will not perform on the March 2014 tour. We already miss our friend's influence and his place within Camel will be waiting for his return.

Ton Scherpenzeel has agreed to step in as keyboardist on the tour to help Camel keep the show on the road.  We are deeply grateful for the love and support from Ton whom fans will remember not only from his own band 'Kayak' but also from the European segment of Camel's 2003 Farewell tour.  A great player and a great friend who has responded in our hour of need.