zondag, maart 04, 2012

Meeting Johan and Max (again...)

On saturday 3 march 2012, my friend Frank and I were kindly invited at the Slager residence, for a drink and a chat. We were happy to see that Max Werner found the time to join us. So there I was, once again 'surrounded' by two of my music heroes (who, like I said before, also happen to be very nice guys!). In Johan's studio, we listened to some things from the past (starting with Johan doing rock 'n roll covers at the age of 13!), the present (Johan and his band Sideman) and the possible future (some ideas that Max had worked on).

Here are some pictures from the evening, with my sincere apologies for the amateur quality! (More pictures can be seen at http://maxwerlerofzoiets.blogspot.com)
below: Johan, me, Max, Max, Frank, Johan