maandag, september 20, 2010

Joost and Syb in "Symphonic Queen"

Even more Kayak/Queen links: last saturday I saw Joost Vergoossen as an extra member of the Northern Netherlands Orchestra, in their concert "Symphonic Queen". In the theatre in Gouda (sold out), the orchestra performed classical arrangements of famous and less famous Queen tunes. Joost had to stick much to the original Brian May solos, but in "We Will Rock You" and the beautiful "Mother Love", he got the chance for his own interpretation. Well done Joost, and I enjoyed our chat afterwards!

Syb van der Ploeg (of Nostradamus-fame) was one of the lead singers, even dressing up in drag for "I Want To Break Free". Also, he did very well in "The ShowMust Go On".

Nothing to do with Kayak, but he deserves mentioning: American/South African singer Joseph Clark. one of the other lead vocalists. Great voice, nice guy and obviously a Queen fan. Fantastic rendition of the obscure Queen-oldie "Nevermore". Very well done, Joseph!!!

zondag, september 05, 2010

Marjolein Teepen in 'We Will Rock You'

Since I was a kid, I have had two favourite bands: Kayak and Queen. There are a couple of parallels between the two, and on friday 3 september 2010, another parallel was added...

Marjolein Teepen joined Kayak in 2005 for the 'Nostradamus'-tour. Five years later, she was chosen as one of the leading players in the Dutch version of the Queen-musical 'We Will Rock You'. I was there at the première on 3 september, where Queen-guitarist Brian May joined her and the rest of the cast on stage. So, Marjolein has the honour of being the only person who has collaborated with Jeroen Kooistra's two most loved bands...

Picture above: The Dutch cast of 'We Will Rock You' meet the remaining members of Queen in London. Marjolein is on the left, Queen drummer Roger Taylor is next to her. Guitarist Brian May is 3rd from the right.