zaterdag, april 18, 2015

Kayak members all over the place...

Within a period of 8 days, I saw or will be seeing quite a few (ex-) members of Kayak on stage, and all of them in tribute- or coverbands. Yesterday I was at the Boerderij in Zoetermeer, where Zeno played. Zeno is a band that plays the music of Toto. The support act was The Joost Vergoossen band, playing instrumental songs from Joost's solo albums. The line-up, besides Joost: Jan van Olffen, Werner van Gool and Sjoerd Rutten. Three of the four have a strong link with Kayak.
Zeno on stage (pic: Jan van der Ven)

After the break, the Joost Vergoossen band was augmented with 2 singers: Cindy Oudshoorn (need I say more?) and Martin van der Starre, who guested on 'Cleopatra'. That completed the line-up of Zeno.

I would lie if I said that I am a big fan of Toto. But still, Zeno -not just copying the sound, but adding their own twist every now and then-, delivered a very professional and enjoyable show.

Tonight I will be seeing Robby Valentine (one of my favourite Dutch artists), who will do an evening of Queen music. Guitarist Rob Winter -a member of the first incarnation of the Robby Valentine band, that also included drummer Hans Eijkenaar- will join him as special guest. As you may know, Rob was a respected member of Kayak in 1999-2002.

Rob Winter with Valentine, 1994
And next week, I hope to see good-old Johan Slager again, doing his thing with the Michel van Dijk Band in a pub in Hilversum!