maandag, april 25, 2011

Hans Eijkenaar plays with Jan Akkerman

On 23 april 2011, I was one of a very lucky 500 people who witnessed the presentation of the Eddy Christiani Award to Queen-guitarist Brian May. In a small theatre in Vlissingen, my all-time guitar hero accepted the award for his great contribution to the electric guitar. Much to my delight, he was kind enough to join Dutch singer Van Velzen and his band for "Don't Stop Me Now" and "Tie Your Mother Down", and he played his infamous "Brighton Rock"-solo!

In some of my earlier blogs I mentioned a link between Queen and Kayak. And 23 april 2011 added another one: the evening was hosted by Leo Blokhuis, who was also the MC at the Pim Koopman Tribute concert. Ex-Kayaksinger Bert Heerink did a rendition of Queen's "Who Wants To Live Forever", and the drummer in his band was Kayak's brand new drummer Hans Eijkenaar.

Hans was also a member of the band that accompanied one of the support acts: Jan Akkerman (winner of the Award in 2009). So on one night, I watched my favourite guitarist Brian May, and one current and one ex-member of my favourite Dutch band Kayak!
Hans playing with Jan Akkerman
Left: Leo Blokhuis. 3rd from left: Hans Eijkenaar