zaterdag, mei 18, 2013

Merlin / Eyewitness CD-Box

Completely out of the blue, Universal have released another -cheap- box with 2 CD's: 'Merlin / Eyewitness'. From what I heard, the Eyewitness CD is the same as the original 1981 LP, meaning it has the (added) audience noises that were absent on the first CD release (1994) on the Pseudonym label. The sleeve is also the same as the LP, unlike the Pseudonym CD.

Just like the previous 2CD-Box 'The Last Encore / Periscope Life', Universal did not add any bonustracks.

zondag, mei 12, 2013

Johan Slager still rocks!

Every now and then, people ask me if ex-Kayakguitarist Johan Slager is still doing anything in terms of music. The answer is simply: yes. He is a member of a couple of bands, who mainly enjoy themselves and their audiences by playing rock and blues covers. One of those bands is 'Van Dijks Dylan', with singer Michel van Dijk (ex-Alquin, Brainbox, Ekseption, Les Baroques).

Obviously, this band usually plays Bob Dylan songs. But on 11 may 2013, they also included some Stones and Beatles. The reason for that; my Kayak-mate Frank (a big fan of Johan Slager) celebrated his birthday in a hotel/restaurant in the village of Wijk aan Zee. By coincidence (?) Van Dijk's Dylan played there that same evening. Especially for Frank, they included a couple of his favourite songs.

The band -consisting of people with about 1000 years experience in Dutch bands- rocked like crazy, and Johan still knows how to play the guitar!
(all pictures: Annemieke Apperloo)