donderdag, april 13, 2006


The official Kayak website has pictures of some compilation CD's, but not all of them. Here are some more: Basic/Original Hits came out in 1995 with two different sleeves. It was released by Disky, and has 16 songs. "Classics" was released in the USA in 1999 by Renaissance. I would not call it a bootleg, but I seem to remember that Kayak did not approve of this release, and doesn't get any royalties from it (then why don't I call it a bootleg???). The "2 in 1" is exactly what it says it is: two albums in a 2CD box. The first two Kayak albums, without any bonustracks. Released by EMI in 2000.

Bootleg CD's

Two of the most interesting unofficial Kayak CD's were made in Russia (or in Belarus? I'm not sure). These are single album CD's of Phantom Of the Night and Periscope Life. Officially these albums are only available on CD as part of the "3 Originals" box.

"Phantom..." has one bonustrack: Ballad For A Lost Friend

"Periscope..." has Theme From Spelters (???) and Ivory Dance as bonustracks.

Remember: these are not official releases, and Kayak will not benefit of your purchase!