maandag, maart 24, 2008

Kayak non-album tracks from 1990 - now

If you have all Kayak studio albums on vinyl, you still miss a few songs. And even the CD re-releases with bonustracks don't cover everything. Here is an overview of 'special tracks' from 1990 until the present day. I have only included songs that were released officially.

* Ivory Dance '94: Not surprisingly, a remake of 'Ivory Dance'. Bonustrack on the 'Eyewitness' CD.

* Cried For Love: Bonustrack on the Japanese edition of the 'Close To The Fire'-album. In 2008, this song was included on the "Anniversary Box".

* Love Lies: See 'Cried For Love'.

* Never Before: Japanese bonustrack on 'Night Vision'", later also on "The Anniversary Box" (2008)

* Merlin Medley: not a song in its own right, this mix of Merlin-tracks was included on the promo CD-single 'Friendship And Love'.

* Beat The Clock: Bonustrack on the CD-Single 'Undecided'.

* Dear Lover: Only available on the "Fans Choices" CD in "The Anniversary Box" (2008).


  • Ik wil niet heel erg vervelend zijn, maar de Merlin Medley klinkt mij als verzamelaar als interessant in de oren. Zou je mij dat ene nummer via de mail willen opsturen als je die hebt? Die single heb ik nog nooit op eBay of Marktplaats gezien, anders zou ik deze al wel hebben.

    By Blogger Airhead, at 12:15 p.m.  

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