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Kayak non-album tracks from the seventies

If you have all Kayak studio albums on vinyl, you still miss a few songs. And even the CD re-releases with bonustracks don't cover everything. Here is an overview of 'special tracks' from the 1970's. I have only included songs that were released officially.

* Try To Write A Book: Originally a Ten Ride Ticket demo, this became the b-side of the debut single 'Lyrics' in 1973. It is also a bonustrack on the CD's of 'See See The Sun' and 'Royal Bed Bouncer'.

* Give It A Name: B-side of the single 'See See The Sun'. Also a bonustrack on the CD's 'See See The Sun' and 'Royal Bed Bouncer'.

* Bulldozer: An instrumental demo from 1974. An edited version can be found on the 'Royal Bed Bouncer' CD. However, the complete version (4:53) is only included on a Dutch compilation CD, 'The Very Best Kayak Album Ever'.

* We Are Not Amused: A single from 1975. Included on many Kayak compilation CD's. Also a bonustrack on the CD of the second album.

* Boezem: The 'Week of the book' is an annual event in Holland. Book buyers receive a present in the shape of a free book. There is also a special present for the younger people. In 1976, that free gift for the youth was an LP called 'Zing Je Moers Taal'. The album was compiled by Holland's best known DJ/presenter, Ad Visser (of 'Toppop' fame). Many well-known Dutch artists performed poems written by Dutch authors. Kayak did a poem by Harry Mulisch.

On CD, the song is included on the compilation 'Greatest Hits And More'.

* Ballad For A Lost Friend: Same melody as 'Boezem', but with English lyrics. In the USA it was on the 'Starlight Dancer' LP. In Holland, it was released in 1978 as b-side of the single 'Phantom Of The Night'. Included on the CD's '3 Originals' and 'Universal Masters Collection'.

* Irene (USA Version): Originally on the USA-LP 'Starlight Dancer', and the b-side of the Dutch 'Starlight Dancer'-single. This USA-verison (is it a demo?) is different from the one on the Dutch LP. It is also a bonustrack on the '3 Originals' CD.

* I Want You To Be Mine: The USA-LP 'Starlight Dancer' has this alternate version of 'Want You To Be Mine'. And the CD '3 Originals' has the American version on it, but with some minor differences (probably a different studio outtake?).

* Ivory Dance: Instrumental, b-side of the single 'Ruthless Queen'. On CD: '3 Originals' and 'Greatest Hits And More'.


  • Dit is de laatste keer dat ik je zal lastig vallen, maar ik zie hier dat er langere versies van Bulldozer bestaan. Nu ben ik toch zeer nieuwsgierig hoe dat zeer plesante demootje van Royal Bed Bouncer kan worden gerekt tot zeker twee keer de lengte. Zou je me deze ook kunnen opsturen? Ik snap het als het mailen je wat te veel wordt, maar ik wordt helemaal enthousiast van deze blog!

    By Blogger Airhead, at 12:21 p.m.  

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