maandag, maart 24, 2008

Kayak non-album tracks from the eighties

If you have all Kayak studio albums on vinyl, you still miss a few songs. And even the CD re-releases with bonustracks don't cover everything. Here is an overview of 'special tracks' from the 1980's. I have only included songs that were released officially.

* Theme From 'Spetters': Kayak did the soundtrack of this Dutch film. The theme tune was released as a single. The tune can be found on CD: 'Greatest Hits And More' and '3 Originals'. Mind you: the compilation 'The Singles' has a song called 'Spetters', but that is in fact 'Lost Blue Of Chartres' (which was also in the film).

* Total Loss: a single from 1980. It was a bonustrack on the original 'Periscope Life' CD. The song is also on 'Greatest Hits And More' and 'The Singles'.

* What's Done Is Done: B-side of 'Total Loss'. On CD, this song can only be found on the (hard to find) original CD of 'Periscope Life'.

* Monte Carlo Rallye: In 1981, (the management of) Kayak and Earth & Fire sponsored the Dutch Opel Team in the famous Monte Carlo Rallye. A joint single was released, on which Kayak did a version of 'Total Loss' with different lyrics. This version is not included on any Kayak CD!

* The Car Enchanters: A promo single from 1981, for Sikkens Paints. The tune of 'The King's Enchanter', but with lyrics about some new kind of car paint. The original single is quite rare, but the song is a bonustrack on the 'Eyewitness' CD.