zaterdag, februari 08, 2020

The line-up that never was

Recently, I saw a message on Facebook by a guy called Wim Dijkgraaf. That reminded me: Wim was 'almost' a member of Kayak, way back around 1977. He is mentioned in the Kayak biography, and his words on Facebook confirm the story...

"After Bert Veldkamp’s departure from the band, we auditioned a couple of bassplayers. When this picture was taken, we didn’t have a new bassist yet. The dark guy with the moustache was one of the candidates, but he never played with us. His name is Wim Dijkgraaf. His audition was OK, and he went with us on a couple of shows to see us play. We had a good time, but we were not convinced that he would fit in. Then we got the offer for a poster in Muziek Parade magazine. Our manager thought this was great opportunity, even without a bassplayer. We asked Wim to pose with us, at the Hilversum bowling alley. He never played one single note with us in public, but he does appear on an official band photo." 

Wim Dijkgraaf is the man on the left with the moustache
The "having a good time"-bit was confirmed by Wim, including a remark about the band 'overtaking' a deserted pub in Belgium, enjoying quite a few alcoholic beverages for free...