maandag, januari 29, 2018

The Seventeen tour of Holland

To promote the new album, the new Kayak did a short tour of Holland. Five concerts were done, and I went to see two of them: Leeuwarden and Zoetermeer. Especially at the Zoetermeer gig, the new line-up delivered a convincing set. Obviously, not yet the oiled machine of the last couple of years, but with a new twist, and a very positive vibe. A longer tour is planned later this year!

With 'Seventeen' peaking at #6 in the Dutch charts, and even reaching the #1 spot in the vinyl charts, a great start of the new year!

Here are some pictures that I stole from my Facebook friends. If anybody of them doesn't agree with this, please let me know!

The setlist: Love Of A Victim, Rhea, Ballad For A Lost Friend, A Million Years, Somebody, La Peregrina, Falling, Mammoth, Daphne, Still My Heart Cries For You, Merlin, Irene, Feathers And Tar, Walk Through Fire, Ivory Dance, Chance For A Lifetime, Ruthless Queen, Starlight Dancer, To An End. I think on the first night (in Tilburg) they also played Crusader...
 (pictures: Sylvia Vogel, Constance Zwerus, Bob Dijksen)