zondag, februari 19, 2017

Kayak (20)17

Although this is a 'Kayak history' blog, let's take a look at the present and the near future. Ton Scherpenzeel has found new energy and inspiration, and is working on a new Kayak album. The title is simply '17', as it is the 17th Kayak studio album and it will be released in 2017... Since february 2017, recordings are on their way.

To whet the appetite, demo versions of a brand new song are available to people who pre-order the album. The song is called 'Cracks'. As I write this, the second demo of the song has just been revealed. This version introduces Marcel Singor as the new Kayak guitarist!

Marcel was born in 1972 (on the beautiful island of Terschelling). At the age of 13, he already won the Dutch Guitar Award, the youngest winner ever. Since then, he played in too many bands and projects to mention, as a guitarist and singer. In 2015 he released his solo album 'Futureproof'.

Although no further details have been revealed, Marcel will not be the only new member of Kayak...