woensdag, november 16, 2016

Kayak and Muziekkrant OOR

june 1973 

In the 1970's and '80's 'Muziekkrant Oor' was one of the leading music magazines in Holland. Kayak manager Frits Hirschland often used Oor as a vehicle for Kayak (and for his other artists). Even before the first album was recorded, Frits made sure that Kayak was mentioned in the magazine. Sometimes with an aritcle or a review, sometimes with an advertisement. Some examples:
june 1973: concert dates
june 1973: Review of Mammoth
tiny advert on the front page, july 1973
Above: "Recordings of first Kayak album almost finished". An article from july 1973. Some interesting 'facts' from this piece: the title of the debut LP will be "Forever Is A Lonely Thought"; the LP will have 9 songs, one of which is titled "Lovely Luna Reprise". The new single "Mammoth" will probably not be included on the LP, as it  is too "Alice Cooper-like" and will not fit with the other songs... All of this turned out differently in the end...

july 1973. Apparently, Kayak were a late addition to the Midsummer Pop Festival; earlier announcements did not feature Kayak
july 1973: how to  book Kayak...