maandag, maart 30, 2015

She came, saw, conquered Texel

soundcheck with choir
On a cold (but luckily dry!) evening in March, Kayak played at the 'Groeneplaats' in the main village of the island of Texel: Den Burg. It was the first big performance of 'Cleopatra'. On lead vocals: Marjolein Teepen, Rolf Koster, Alexander van Breemen and Martin van der Starre (and Rob Vunderink...). A local choir and a couple of dancer completed the scene.

Below are some pictures that I stole from my mate Bob Dijksen. See more great photos on his Facebook-site!
SETLIST: The Living Isis, Alexandria, She Rules My World, Goodbye Pharos, Stranger In Rome, Hail!, She Came She Saw She Conquered, The Ides Of March, Philae, Tarsus, Whatever It Takes, The Crown Of Isis, The Inimitable Livers, Queen Of Kings, Actium, Larger Than Life, That Sacred Kiss, Alexandria Reprise
Marjolein Teepen


Rolf Koster (right)

Alexander van Breemen
Martin van der Starre