woensdag, november 26, 2014

Beatclub Sarasani: home of Kayak

picture:Bob Dijksen

In the early days, Kayak -like many other Dutch bands and artists-  were regular guests at Sarasani. Situated on the beautiful island of Texel, Sarasani (which was actually nothing more than a big shed) became one of Holland's most (in)famous rock venues. From the late 1960's until the mid 1970's it was a place where bands like Golden Earring, Earth & Fire and Cuby and the Blizzards loved to play. Let's just say that there was a rather 'free, loose and happy' atmosphere at the Sarasani...

A couple of months ago, a very interesting book came out about the rise and fall of the Sarasani. Kayak played there a couple of times in 1973, 1974 and 1975. Ex-Kayak singer Bert Heerink was a regular guest too, with his band Threshold.


A progressive band called Crying Wood played at the Sarasani in 1975. They took a picture in the dressing room. Look at the writing on the wall...