woensdag, april 30, 2014

Kayak Live in Sheffield, october 1977?

On eBay, I recently purchased this poster. It announces a Kayak gig at Sheffield City Polytechnic, on friday 7 october. The designer of the poster sold it as 'from the late seventies', and the only friday 7 october in the late seventies was in 1977. The conclusion is: Kayak played as headliner in Sheffield on 7 october 1977.

But on the Kayak website, I see that Kayak played the UK in 1977, but as a support to Jan Akkerman and Kaz Lux. They played Sheffield University on 5 march 1977. Did Kayak go back as headliner a couple of months later??? At this moment, I have no further info. To be continued...