woensdag, maart 04, 2015

Another new Kayak compilation CD

At the end of march 2015, Universal will release a double CD that focuses on Kayak's singles and b-sides. The title of the album is "A&B Sides And More". It is released in a series called "Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music." The album also features Max Werner's biggest solo hit "Rain In May".

Lyrics, Try To Write A Book, Mammoth, Ballet Of The Cripple, See See The Sun, Give It A name, Wintertime, Alibi, We Are Not Amused, Serenades, Chance For A Lifetime, My Heart Never Changed, Still My Heart Cries For You, Raid Your Own House, Do You Care, Nothingness, Starlight Dancer, Irene, Want You To Be Mine, Golddust, Ruthless Queen, Ivory Dance

Phantom Of The Night, Ballad For A Lost Friend, Keep The Change, Winning Ways, Lost Blue Of Chartres, Theme From Spetters part 2, Anne, The Sight, Periscope Life, Astral Aliens, Total Loss, What's Done Is Done, Seagull, The Sword In The Stone, The King's Enchanter, Tintagel, Who's Fooling Who, Rain In May (Max Werner), In The Winter (Max Werner), Merlin

It looks like a rather complete collection of Kayak singles. Even "Keep The Change" is included, and I always assumed that that single was withdrawn. It is good to see "What's Done Is Done" released on CD again. It is certainly not my favourite Kayak track, but until now it was only available on the long deleted original CD of Periscope Life.

I only wonder why 'Merlin' is on this album???