zondag, januari 06, 2013

Total Loss in Belgium...

Johan got carried away...

In 1979, two Kayak members got injured, and both times the misfortune happened in Belgium. The most serious accident happend to Peter Scherpenzeel. In june, Kayak did a concert for a Belgian TV-show. During the opening song 'Sweet Revenge', Peter stepped on an exploding magnesium bomb. He was rushed into hospital with severe burn wounds.

Another, less serious but nonetheless painful accident happened after a show in Antwerp, in may 1979. The band had a little too much to drink afterwards, and that lead to a 'car accident', as it was sometimes presented in the press. Another story is that Johan was jumping too wild on stage, and that no car was involved.

According to the Kayak book, the description 'car accident' was true in a way. What happened was that Johan tried to walk over a parked car, and fell off. Anyway, whatever the cause was, Johan broke his right leg and sprained his left ankle. Undeterred, Johan played a couple of concerts sitting on a chair... (Thanks to Frank Lieffering for much of this material!).