woensdag, januari 02, 2013

Golden Harps 1981

In October 1981, Kayak performed at the 'Golden Harps'-ceremony on Dutch TV. The Golden Harps are important music awards in Holland. In the archives, I see that Kayak played 'Ruthless Queen', and that Max Werner did his solo-hit 'Rain In May' as well. See my Max Werner blog for more pictures of Max doing his solo thing.
I think these pictures were taken during rehearsals (if not, then the audience was not too big...). The show featured many Dutch bands and artists, and in the pictures you can see some different artists on stage at the same time. I think the band standing above Kayak, is Diesel (without Pim Koopman, but with Rob Vunderink)?
(all pictures: copyright Beeld en Geluid)