zaterdag, december 29, 2012

End of JTT-Tour: Zwolle

Friday 28 december was a busy day for Kayak. For the closing of the Journey Through time-tour, they had decided to work together again with the Thomas a Kempis Orchestra from Zwolle, just like they had done in 2008. But they started the day with 'workshops': Kayak members teaching amateur musicians and singers, and preparing the song 'Wintertime' with them. From each workshop, one or more participants were selected to perform 'Wintertime' at the actual concert.

Another extra: there was not only an evening show, but also a matinee. So at 3 pm, the curtain was raised at the big 'Spiegel'-theatre for the first time. The afternoon session was not sold out (after all, it was still a 'normal' working dat for many people), but for the evening almost every seat of the available 950 was sold!

In 2008, the concert was a mix between Kayak-material and orchestral work. This time, it was a fullblown Kayak show, with valuable 'assistance' from the orchestra. It was more or less the usual JTT-setlist, with a slight change here or there. Most striking was the addition of 'Full Circle', a song that -in theory- had been part of the setlist from the beginning of the tour, but was never performed until now.

In short: as Edward and Ton had to admit afterwards, it was a day of very hard work for Kayak, with 2 concerts of around 2 and a half hours each, plus the workshops. But band, orchestra and audience had enjoyed a great show, with very good interaction between Kayak and the orchestra. And, oh yes: the amateur singers were only meant to perform 'Wintertime' in the afternoon show. But the song went so well, and was so greatly received by the audience, that they were rewarded a well-deserved second rendition during the evening show.
The Kayak Tribute band...

Won't make this story too long, I am sure you will find the videos and pictures on the Internet. All I want to say: a great and fitting ending to yet another brilliant Kayak year!