maandag, september 17, 2012

Legends Festival

On 5 may, Kayak played a festival in Alkmaar. That same day, they were supposed to appear at the Legends Festival. But alas, that festival was cancelled. Or rather: postponed, as it now took place on 16 september. The location was a beautiful park in the city of Apeldoorn. Around 5,000 people turned up to watch classic Dutch bands like Focus, Brainbox, Massada, Gruppo Sportivo and Time Bandits (to name just a few!). Kayak had the honour of closing the day, and they did that quite good.

The setlist had no hints of the upcoming "Journey Throuh Time"-tour. It was almost the same as in may, but due to time limitations, "Bury The World" and "Anywhere But Here" were skipped. The crowd appreciated Kayak's powerful show. The sound was not perfect, at least not where I stood. But people who stood more at the back had better sound, so I was told.

Here are some pictures of the band preparing for the show...

After that, the batteries in my camera turned low, so I had to 'steal' some photos from other people. Here are a couple of very nice pictures, taken by Henk Schrier:
Copyright Henk Schrier

And two from a bit more to the back:
I am sure you will find more nice pictures on the Internet!

And now it's on to the book presentation, and the start of the "Journey Through Time"-tour!!!