zaterdag, mei 05, 2012

Kayak ends ABH-Tour on Liberation Day

pic: Noordhollands Dagblad
Officially, the Anywhere But Here-tour ended last week in Drachten. But on 5 may ("Liberation Day" in Holland) Kayak was to play on two festivals. In the evening they were supposed to be one of the main acts at the "Legends"-festival in the city of Apeldoorn. But unfortunately, that festival was cancelled at the very last minute, due to problems with the security company.

What remained was a much smaller festival in the afternoon, in the city of Alkmaar. In a cosy park with a relaxed atmosphere, Kayak entered the stage at around 4 pm. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be one of the best concerts of this tour! The sound was surprisingly good (loud, bombastic, but still clear, and Ton could actually be heard very well!), and the crowd was large and supportive.

pic: Joost Vergoossen

pic: Bob Dijksen
Kayak played for about 90 minutes. To please the 'casual listener', "Mammoth"  and "Wintertime" were back on the setlist. The website Kayakfans.nl had organised a t-shirt promotion for die-hard fans. As a result, there were "Huge Fan"-shirts to be seen everywhere (but most of all: close to the stage...).
pic: Saskia van Doesburg

Pity that Apeldoorn couldn't take place. But Alkmaar was a fine ending to another Kayak tour! Here are some pictures that I could steal from the Facebookpages of Saskia (who launched the t-shirt promotion) and Bob.

                                     pics: Bob Dijksen

And here are some more pictures, kindly donated by Jolanda Lek. Cheers, Jolanda!

pics: Jolanda Lek