woensdag, januari 18, 2012

Kayak in Toppop

From 1970 until 1988, "Toppop" was a wellknown music show on Dutch TV. Comparable to the English "Top Of The Pops", the show had artists in the studio as well as showing videos. Over the years, Toppop hosted many famous artists. In fact, some Toppop footage is unique as it features yet unknown artists that became famous later. David Bowie, Queen, The Ramones, Cliff Richard and Elton John are just a few of the artists that came over to Holland to appear in Toppop.

Kayak were regular guests. Here is a list of Toppop appearances (dates are the first dates of broadcast):
16 september 1974 Wintertime (studio)
4 october 1974 Wintertime (studio)
13 june 1975 We Are Not Amused (studio)
14 november 1975 Chance For A Lifetime (studio)
23 november 1976 Do You Care (studio)
1 october 1977 Starlight Dancer (studio)
8 february 1979 Ruthless Queen (studio)
17 may 1979 Phantom Of The Night (studio)

31 march 1980 Anne (promo)
19 may 1980 Periscope Life (promo)
20 march 1981 Seagull (studio)
Kayak in the Toppop studio

Max Werner also appeared as a solo artist:
??? 1979 Rainbow's End (studio, not broadcast)
24 april 1981 Rain In May (studio)
And Pim Koopman appeared a couple of times as a member of Diesel (1980/88) and The President (1983/84).