zondag, oktober 09, 2011

First show of the ABH tour: Dordrecht

(all 'live' pictures on this page: Martijn Stadhouders/Bibelot)

Friday 7 october 2011 saw the start of the Anywhere But Here Tour, at the cosy "Bibelot" in Dordrecht.

Let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised. Surprised by a tight and enthousiastic band, that didn't make many mistakes for a première. Rob completely messed up the words to Sweet Revenge, in spite of the 'guide' that hung in front of him. He blamed his sunglasses for not being able to read the words...

Rob's 'guide' to Sweet Revenge... didn't help much!

Apart from that: fantastic, and a wonderful setlist with lots of new material and some unexpected oldies! My Heart Never Changed was -in my opinion'- a typical Max Werner song, but Cindy gave a brilliant performance!
The setlist:


  • Nice pictures Jeroen....
    Also very nice to read your Kayakstorys....

    By Anonymous jan van der ven, at 1:03 p.m.  

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