donderdag, maart 10, 2011

Pim Koopman Tribute DVD - Preview Party

Sunday 6 march 2011 saw the release of the DVD from the Pim Koopman Tribute concert. Some dedicated fans organised a 'preview party' in the village of De Meern. The party was attended by around 90 fans, who created a fine atmosphere. Of course the DVD was played for the first time, once again showing the conflicting emotions (and beautiful music) of that night in november 2010. Highlight of the day: Michael Robinson -a close friend of Pim and one of the performers at the actual concert- delighted the audience with some great stories, and with another rendition of his 'Song For A Friend'. Just like at the Paradiso last year, he delivered an impressive performance. Another great thing was that almost the entire band attended this meeting, thus showing that they appreciated the initiative. Joost and Rob couldn't make it, but Ton and Irene showed up, as did Edward. Cindy and her Patrick were responsible for making the DVD in the first place, so they were present too (and took care of selling the first copies). New drummer Hans also walked in, as did Jan (who had just finished the sunday afternoon performance of the stage musical 'Soldier Of Orange'). Every member was happily available for a chat or for signing autographs, and Hans gave the impression that he felt very welcome as 'the new guy'... Special mention deserves the presence of Pim's partner Marrigje. It must have been difficult for her, but -as far as I can judge- she looked at it in a very positive way (and was very willing to take her old place behind the merchandise!).
Cindy and Ton walked on stage to thank the organisers, and Ton expressed his happiness about the continuation of Kayak, the new album and the upcoming tour. All in all a well-organised event which everybody enjoyed!

I am sure you will find the links to some good pictures when you work your way through the Kayak guestbook. Here are just a few snapshots that I took in my distinctive amateur way, and a couple of flix I stole from Bob Dijksen (hope you don't mind, Bob!).


  • Ik vind het alleen maar leuk als mijn foto's door een zo'n groot mogelijk aantal fans worden bekeken. Mooi verhaal over de preview in De Meern.

    By Anonymous Bob Dijksen, at 12:55 a.m.  

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