donderdag, augustus 05, 2010

And some Johan history... The Vampires!

(picture above: Johan standing on the right)

Johan Slager is 'in the picture' on this weblog at the moment. From Robert Schaap in the USA, I received some great pictures from the 1960's. The band that you can see here is called 'The Vampires', and had a young Johan Slager on lead guitar (and aformentioned Robert Schaap on rhythm guitar). They used to play a lot in dancings on the infamous Zeedijk in Amsterdam. Their setlist consisted of songs by the likes of The Shadows, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Thought I'd share these nice pieces of pre-Kayak history!

(these 2 pictures: Johan is second from right)
Thanks a lot to Robert/Bob (also known as Jim) Schaap!