zondag, april 18, 2010

Johan Slager activity

Sometimes, fans ask me if I know what ex-Kayak guitarist Johan Slager is up to nowadays. The answer is simple: he is still making music. He works at home in his studio, and he is a member of the 'houseband' for 2 Dutch pop choirs (along with Carwin Gijsing, who played in an embryonic Kayak).
(Pictures below: Johan doing his thing with the pop choirs...)
And: he enjoys himself in 2 bands, playing mostly in the Dutch pub circuit. One of the bands is a Bob Dylan coverband, with lead singer Michel van Dijk (Alquin, Brainbox, Ekseption, etc. etc.)
The other band is a rather recent collaboration with friends who also have a long history in the Dutch music scene. The band is called Sideman, and they focus on swinging rock and bluesrock. They play songs by almost everybody (Beatles, Stones, Dr. John, Mott The Hoople, Little Feat, Neville Brothers, the list is endless!). No pretentions, their main goal is a good time for band and audience! You can hear Sideman on http://www.youtube.com/
Sideman are (besides Johan on guitar and vocals):
- Vincent Hiemstra (vocals, guitar. Past bands: Workmates, Shoreline, Van Dijk's Dylan, Oscar Benton Bluesband etc.)
- Burt van der Meij (drums. Past bands: Bintangs, Carlsberg etc.)
- Werner Cornand (vocals, bass. Past bands: General Electric, Henk Westbroek, The Zoo, Personnel, Diesel etc.)


  • Interesting to know. Do you happen to have an idea why he was not involved in the Kayak reunion? Was he never asked to come back in the band, like when Rob Winter left?

    By Blogger The_CrY, at 5:40 p.m.  

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