maandag, september 12, 2011

Fan meeting

Last sunday, another fan meeting was organised. As usual, a fine event, with the following highlights:
* a rare showing of a complete 'Nostradamus'-concert from 2005

* the first time that the new album was played in its entirety (in public)

* the presence of Cindy, Joost, Rob, Jan and tourmanager Hans. Drummer Hans couldn't make it in the end, much to his regret.

* song-by-song comment from Cindy, Joost, Edward and Rob (if Rob ever stops making music, he can always become a comedian!)

* a skype connection with Irene and Ton, who thus 'virtually' joined the party for about 15 minutes...

* my great photographs (as always!)

I still find it incredible that band members take the time to join the fans, and that they are always available for a chat. Joost had just finished 2 weeks of non-stop working, Jan came rushing in from a performance, and I am sure that the others also could have had 'better' things to do on a sunday afternoon. But they all came, and took part in this intimate and relaxed event. Thanks guys (and girl...)!