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Close To The Fire Demos (1995)

In the 1990's, Ton Scherpenzeel and Pim Koopman worked together again after a long time. They collaborated on a couple of songs, without thinking about a possible Kayak reunion. Working with Ton and Pim were: Rob Winter (guitar, later to join Kayak), Arthur Polini (backing vocals (and bass???)) and singer Alex Toonen. Arthur and Rob had played together in the band of Dutchman Robby Valentine, whose second album was produced by Pim. Alex Toonen (better known as A.T.) was lead singer of Dutch progband For Absent Friends from 1988 until 1998.

No record company seemed interested in the demos, so nothing really happened. That is, until 1997, when Max Werner offered his vocal talents. Nothing was wrong with A.T.'s vocals, but Max' voice brought back the Kayak feel. The rest is history...

Alex Toonen (with For Absent Friends, 1994) Arthur Polini playing bass (with Robby Valentine, 1992)

Recorded songs (all written by Ton Scherpenzeel):
Close To The Fire
All Over Again (later appeared on "Night Vision")
Dream Child
Two Wrongs
Frozen Flame
Love Lies (Max Werner version later used as Japanese bonustrack)
Here Today
Cried For Love (Max Werner version later used as Japanese bonustrack)
Worlds Apart

I don't think anybody will sue me for bringing you this taster: "Here Today", beautifully sung by Alex...


There also seem to be demo recordings with Max Werner's vocals. I have never heard these recordings, but I was told that some songs actually benefit from not yet having the full production and arrangements that the final versions had.


  • Hey Jeroen, leuk deze versie van Here Today. Het zou aardig zijn als er een CD met al deze nummers en andere 'rareties' zou uitkomen.
    Jaren geleden heb ik via ICQ de 1995-versie van Close To The Fire gekregen. Een stuk 'kaler' dan de 2000-versie, maar zeker niet minder.


    By Anonymous Anoniem, at 11:04 a.m.  

  • Ik weet waar de volledige versie te horen is

    By Anonymous Anoniem, at 10:06 p.m.  

  • Ik weet waar de hele cd te horen is

    By Anonymous Anoniem, at 10:08 p.m.  

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